UNI SEMICONDUCTOR   LIMITED is a professional integrated circuit design company, we focus   our mind on providing High Reliability, High Performance and Low Cost products.   We have CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar integrated circuit design, package, testing, and   have good cooperation relations with many domestic and foreign Fab and Package   & Testing Factories.

       UNI provided SMD & DIP package products, which including MOSFET, LDO,   DC/DC Converter, PFM/PWM, Audio Amplifier, Operation Amplifier, LED Driver, LCD   Driver, Voltage Detector, Lithium Battery Protector, TX/RX, Transistors, Diodes   and Lighting.

       UNI products involved manufacturer   including Mobile Phone, Cordless Phone, Wireless Commission Products, LCD, LCM,   MP3, MP4, Bluetooth, Meter, Electronic Scale, Electronic Dictionary, Toys, PC   Peripheral and Network Products.

  UNI has the top Wafer Fab, Packaging and   Final Testing Factory partners to provide the world class products and services   to our customers. At present, our capacity can provide 20KKpcs to HK, domestic   and foreign customers per month.